The day opened, as many do, with a sunrise.

There is the concept around Yellowstone of a triple dog day. A triple dog day is a day where you see all 3 dogs: wolves, coyotes, and foxes. They are not that common, I guess.

So we went out on the 3rd and final day, looking for wolves. In fairly quick succession, we found 2 packs. I tried to convince Chad that we need to invent the 3 wolf day, where you see 3 different packs. We'll see if it's a thing when I go back next time.

There's no pictures of the packs we found, because again - spotting scopes + camera phone is not very good. We did see some people with high end camera gear though, which was cool. Must have taken him an hour to load and unload that from a car.

This guy was out there somewhere.

We also saw these two. A fox and a coyote. Thus making it a triple dog day. I'm just going to say there's a wolf hiding in the trees. Fight me.

The fox jumped a few times and finally caught something. Then ate it. It's the circle of life.

For our snoe-shoe, we went trudging through an (empty) buffalo field, to a beaver lodge.

Me and the boss know where the important stuff is in this picture. Everyone else gets to guess.

More playing with slow exposures

After the tour wrapped up, we went through the whole super awkward "we're Australians and we don't know how to tip here's a handful of cash ahhhhhhh" process, then packed our stuff in our rooms.

Before dinner, we went for a walk up to the hot springs to get a sunset picture. This tree was pretty awesome. To the right of it was one of the hot springs. I guess all the ice accumulates because the steam hits it, which then blocks the steam from reaching the other side of the tree. Super cool.

I did get a sunset picture, but that wasn't the cool bit. As you can see, it's pretty dodgy:

The cool bit (and very not cool bit) is that as I was changing lenses, a fox ran out on the platform we were on. Instead of being a mile away like the previous picture, this cute little bugger was no more than 20 meters away.

Unfortunately it's also very flighty, and it ran off before I could get any lens back on. I think. It all happened very quickly. There's a non-zero chance that this is a fox. It's in the right spot in my camera roll.

So yeah. We saw a fox. We tried to follow it, but it turns out that we're not actually any good at tracking.

We also saw a coyote near the road as we walked back to the hotel.