Let's go through these in order.

The buffalo

This thing was giving itself a good ol' scratch on a fallen tree.

Scritch scritch
Aww yeah, that's the good stuff

They've also been known to lick cars.

The collapsed path

This whole area is normally a stream, during the winter people walk over the top of it without much problem, although it looks like at some point this day it had collapsed. The actual water is only about 5cm deep, so falling in would not exactly wash you away, but without waterproof boots, you'd be sad.

We went around it.


As long as we're looking at the only picture of Chad, let's zoom in and enhance, and talk a bit about him.

Chad was cool. Seemed to know what he was talking about. Taught us about animals and tracking and stuff. He was also the youngest person in the group, followed by me. I guess the gap is about 12-15 years. Which says a lot about the make-up of the group.

View of the canyon from the end

The stop sign


The other buffalo

Possibly my favorite picture of the trip