Buckle up, we're going to get word-heavy. Which means few pictures and not actually word heavy because it'll be a short blog anyway.

After our final henge, it was a direct trip back to GA. On the Monday, I hired a car from ATL, and set forth for Jackson in The Grand Tetons, where I would sync up with the boss. Although he was not warned of this, he took it like a champ when I called his hotel room at like 8pm.

But first, let's rewind some, and have some back story and talk about the trip up there.

My desktop background used to be an Inspirobot picture, with the text "Ignore the contract, enjoy the failure" over the top of a picture of a "Welcome to Colorful Colorado" sign.

Turns out that's a very popular sign. According to The Internet, there's 42 of these signs: 41 on roads in to Colorado, and 1 in a museum (or something).

So when I looked at the path from Atlanta to Jackson, and it passed within about 3 miles of Colorado, I knew I had to take a detour and get a picture of one of these. Because it was my desktop background.

Yep. That's all it takes.

It was late at night

One day I'll go and visit all 42.

I also took a picture of the moon.


So anyway, I crashed my bosses party after going to Colorado. We got burritos.