Ok, so picture this. The car I drove from Atlanta to Jackson is a 2 wheel drive, intended to be puttered around... well... Atlanta. It was not intended to be driven over ice and through snow.

Which is what we did.

So everything turned out fine and here's a picture of a goat to prove it.

This goat is GOAT.
This GOAT goat is eating.

After the goats, there was not much interesting for the rest of the day.

The next morning, we went out bright and early again to find some more animals. As things weren't open yet (for the season), there was no park entrance fee. But there was some nice ice formations on the building where you would pay the entrance fee.

These things reached the ground.

The car, bless its cotton socks, was an absolute trooper. Here it is stopped just inside the park entrance as we took the above picture.

Boot open to change lenses

I know it looks dirty, but I assure you... it's just because of the contrast with the snow.

Here's some nice reflectors. Because why not?

Somewhere along the way I broke out the cheapo ND filter, and took a long exposure (13 seconds) of some water. Turned out pretty good, although the corners are a bit shonky. If I had planned it better, I would have got some nice sharp images of the sky and land, and blended them.

And now for some Moose.

After the animal hunt, we had to decide how to get to Bozeman. The boss had cancelled his hire car since I rocked up with mine, but for some reason he didn't trust it. Something about winter storms.

Let's see what happens tomorrow.