Let me paint a picture.  It's a calendar.  The date circled says Tuesday.

Today was a break day.  We drove from Bowman, ND to Dickinson, ND, and got an early check-in at the hotel (just in time for a decent breakfast).  The van was taken in for maintenance, and I caught up on a bunch of moving data around.

After the van was serviced, we took it 40 miles west to Medora, and to a scenic overlook that has been mentioned previously.  We noticed on the way that there was a crack in the windshield, directly under the spot where the wiper blade would have impacted the glass if it was dropped.  Did I mention they put new blades on the wipers? I think I did.

So yeah, that's a thing.

The trip to Medora also was not fantastic.  I am still trying to figure out long exposures on this camera.

This was the only picture which didn't look awful.  It's still kinda neat, I guess.

I spent the rest of the night watching youtube videos about cameras.

Through the magic of misdirection, you'll notice the painted calendar now says it is Wednesday.

A quick stop at the Walmart to inform them about the crack.  They'll get back to us in a couple of days.  We won't be in town.  Have fun with that.

We drove back past Medora, all the way to the Montana border, then turned back around and headed to the scenic view.  This was the first time I'd seen it in daylight, and it was pretty awesome.  Stupidly cold, but awesome.

I guess you can click here or something.

By the time we left, the crack had completed its journey to the far side of the windshield.  Thermal shock?

Onwards! Today is a day of bigger things!

Cow View
Car View
Cow Car View

The Buffalo.

Worlds Largest Beefalo

The Prairie Chicken.

Patriotic Prairie Chicken, for America!

Coming up: Lawyers in the dark