Not too sure where we left off, but the next unprocessed set of pictures suggests that Purple is going to training, and I'm going to Austin.

So I ditched Purple for a couple of days, and took the van to Austin, via an indirect route.

It's so pretty!
The dust on my screen makes it look like it has great stars. But it doesn't actually.

After fleeing the baby zombies, I continued on the worlds largest tour, by visiting the worlds largest spur. Being night time, I had to decide between showing the spur, which meant everything else was black, or showing the harness bit.

I stand by my decision.

From here, it was over to Austin to hang out with Jirby, visit the old office, and eat BBQ. Good times.

Before leaving Austin, I made sure to steal the soul of Jirbys vehicles, using the standard method of taking a photograph of them.

The orange one
Not shown: the one with the bad light.

Somewhere in Austin I purchased a new lens. It will probably make an appearance in later pictures.

Probably after all the henges.