Moving right along.  It's now Sunday.

Chimney Rock.  Closed for the season.  Kinda boring.  Didn't get bitten by a rattle snake.


Why is it called stonehenge instead of rockhenge, anyway?
The word henge was derived from the word stonehenge, not the other way around.
Stonehenge isn't even a real henge.
Neither is Carhenge, by the way.

Devils Tower.  Closed for the season.

Had a really nice dinner in Hulett, but Hulett is a destination, not something to pass through, so there's no 24/7 facilities.  We head out of town to somewhere else for the night.  Sundance, I think.

Moving right along.  It's now Monday.

Devils Tower.  Still closed for the season.  We looked around, but couldn't see any cops, so we took a hike around it.  Very scenic, but didn't get many good pictures that do it justice.  Also tried to get some prairie dogs on the way out.  That was not very successful.

Crazy Horse.  This was cool, I had no idea it existed.  They're carving a guy in to a mountain.

Cosmos Mystery Area.  Closed for the season.

Thunderhead Underground Falls.  Closed for the season.

Mt. Rushmore.  Closed for renovations.  During the season.

Center of the Nation.  It's hard to close a geographical marker.  This was a fun drive in the middle of the night to the middle of a field in the middle of the country.

And because it was dark, I tried to get a picture of the sky, without much success because I'm still learning the camera.

An attempt was made

Later: Walmart, Medora, taking a break, and a collection of animals