We're told this place has an amazing view.  Unfortunately...

This was meant to be the Devils Kitchen. I prefer to think of it as the Devils Fog. It wasn't even a creepy mist, it was just damp.

I have done my best to make this creepy.

OoooOOOoOOoOOoooOOOooooo, weird angle and not lazy editing! ooooOOoOoOooooOO

Back in the 90s, if you wanted to make a scene in a movie where a train hit a bus, you didn't use computers to do it. Instead, you got a bus, and you parked it on a train line, and you waited for nature to take its course.

That's exactly what was done in The Fugitive, so that Richard Kimble could escape, enabling one of the greatest crime documentaries ever made. Also released in 1993.

For whatever reason, neither the Illinois Department of Corrections nor Illinois Southern (rail company) ever cleaned up the wreckage. Also the wreckage is in North Carolina. Which is where we were on Thanksgiving eve, 2019.


This says "Come round here and you'll be a FUGATIVE". I can neither confirm nor deny the existence of a "no trespassing" sign.

Harrison was here
I know y'all missed this.

After the hike back to the road, it was time to go nowhere. If you want to go nowhere, you need to take The Road to Nowhere.

Nothing suss.

Something that is super cool about this is some people have been using glow in the dark paint. It doesn't show up well when there's light (we're here at 11pm, so most of the energy has faded already), but cranking up the settings in photoshop brings it out a bit:

It's better in person

And then because it was dark...

Definitely getting better.