After our last stop (Cairo, IL), we ventured forth onwards towards St. Louis, with its Gateway Arch.

I'd like to say the sun positioning is an artistic choice or something like that, but truthishly it's because this thing is massive, and moving so that the sun doesn't destroy my phones camera is a bunch of effort.  I was dealing with a massive jet-lag headache, so yeah.  Shade.

This is also not artistic, and I need to fix the CSS so the caption is aligned properly.

After St. Louis, it's just a short overnight jaunt to Hastings, Nebraska with its museum.  Lots of cool stuff.  This is the section for "birds of North America that aren't from Nebraska" (weird flex, but ok):

Then the rest of the wing is dedicated to birds that are from Nebraska.  They had a section for geology, but it was down for renovations.  Shame, it looked cool

Then finally on to the real reason we went to the museum in the first place: the Kool Aid exhibit.  That stuff was invented in Hastings, so it has a permanent exhibit setup.  Interesting story, but not really much for photos.  Turns out they have a yearly multi-day festival though.  That's super cool.

There's also a nice timelapse of the clouds from the parking lot outside the museum.  Once again though, still need to deal with video in this thing.

Rounding out the day, we bumped in to a guy named James and spent 30 minutes hanging out.  He'd packed up his entire life in to a truck and was driving from Detroit to Colorado.  Last we heard, he reached his destination.

Tomorrow: something else.