Short one today.  Mostly fillter.  Didn't take good notes.

We tried to stop near the highest point in West Virginia: Spruce Knob.

We failed.

Not sure where we stopped, but there wasn't much worth looking at when we woke up, so we pointed ourselves in the right direction, and tried again. Somewhere along the way, we found some rocks which I can no longer locate on google earth, and didn't note the name at the time.

So uh.. enjoy the pictures?

I call this 'rodent-rock-when-viewed-from-this-angle'.
Icy rocks with a 50cm gap between them. This is fine.
This was also present.

Eventually we found Spruce Knob, which was kinda cool, but to be honest, it didn't make me feel like I'm on top of the world. It's not like a peak, it's the top of a bunch of area that's already kinda high, so relatively speaking it's just... there.

This was my attempt to align the cairn with the tree in the hopes of achieving some sort of artistic super boost or something. It didn't work.

Here is a (in my opinion) much stronger image:

My immediate impression upon seeing this tree was... "seriously? was that really necessary? you just don't like that spot?"

This is a thing. Not sure why.

Leaving the area we stumbled on an RF free zone, full of radio telescopes. There was all sorts of restrictions about entering (diesel only, no cameras, phones, or other electronics, be a government employee that works at this facility, etc).  This was viewable from outside the perimeter. There was another one that was much larger, but we couldn't find a good shot of it.

(beeps in alien)