Observant people will notice that in the previous post, the Buffalo was shot at night, and the Chicken was shot in the morning.  This is because all my night time Chicken photos were blurry.  So really yesterday you got 2.5 days worth of content.

tl;dr: we woke up next to a giant chicken.


Next stop, is the failed dam of Fergus, MN.  When this thing failed, it wiped out 4 additional dams downriver.  Brutal.

No really good pictures of this.  So here's more artistic filler guff.

Heading down to Spicer, MN, we stumbled upon the worlds largest crow.  Not sure how this was missed while planning the tour of large things, but it was, yet we made it anyway.



Turns out my camera sensor needs cleaning.  I don't know how much you can tell, but there's a lot of spots on that, although the worst are cleaned up.

Moving along, as we were in the area, we decided to visit a small (yet prestigious) law firm in central Minnesota: Rekieta Law.

Unfortunately Nick was busy during the day, but was able to make time in the evening for us.  We camped outside a starbucks and stole their wifi (pretty sure if you use a VPN, it's considered stealing instead of using...)

Did I mention I figured out videos?
(larger size)

Hanging out with Nick was great, although no details.  Super friendly guy.  Unfortunately no pictures.  Next time, I'm sure.

After Nick, we headed up northeast, seeking shelter for the night.  Not sure where we stayed.  GPS and timezones and timestamps are a mess.  I'm doing my best here.

Next morning, we went for a short hike to an abandoned railroad tunnel.  While the description calls it spooky, the description also says it's completely dark inside.  It is neither.  From the middle, you can clearly see both ends of the tunnel, and no torch is required.

Trains enter here.
Trains leave here.

Now... we all know what's expected next.  Some not-really-macro picture with a blurry background.

They didn't turn out any good this stop.

Not to be deterred, we continued our trek in a northerly direction, until we reached Two Harbors, and the 3M Museum.

Which was closed for the season.

As inevitably as we could, we continued north.  Then we got out and walked.  Eventually, we found a waterfall.  Unfortunately the locals had already found it and named it, so we didn't get naming rights, however they had built a visitor center, so that was nice.  They called it the Devils Kettle.

The Devils Kettle

The Kettle appears to be the part on the left where water goes in to, and doesn't come out of.  This is the second of the Devils property we have visited so far.  Perhaps there's more.

Some random stream which is statistically nearby
Devils Kettle.
(larger size)

We rounded out the day with a sunset.  Not a great photo, but the timelapse is also not great, so they go well together.

Cold out here, innit?
(larger size)

From there, it was a long drive to get most of the way to St. Ignace, MI, before turning in for the night.

That concludes the updates for Thursday and Friday.  I am now only a week behind in content.  Hopefully that will be sorted out soon.