Post-Thanksgiving, after emerging from the standard coma, it was time to head to New Orleans, and visit Pynk.

Finding parking was a nightmare, although eventually we found some paid parking. Pynk had recommended a couple of places to get dinner. As you may expect, New Orleans does not disappoint with its food. After a few hours bar hopping, we settled down for the night.

Our stops in Louisiana were limited.

It was more of a journey.

Over a bridge.

Briiiiiiiiiiidge (north)
(Open larger)

But we did stop at one place, the Abita Mystery House, also known as the UCM Museum. There was a cat, on the roof. It later joined us inside.

This apparent chungus is really just a bad angle
Do you have a ticket?
Not shown: actual dancing
This is Carol. Say hi to Carol.

I think you get the point. A lot of the stuff was behind glass which made photos 90% reflections though. I consider this to be their crowning achievement though.

This is clearly a door.

As we left, we learned the cat was one of those modern color changing cats. Cool.

I call it Pancake.

There was another bridge. It's harder to tell because it's over a swamp, but it's there.

Briiiiiiiiiiidge (south)
(Open larger)

And then we went to the Republic of Texas. Which is very different to Texas. It is the sole remaining marker of the border of the Republic of Texas, before it became a state. I could include more information, but it would just be stuff from wiki and the atlas obscura article.

The marker